Looking for nigh-on guaranteed colour? Tookie is definitely your man. He is homozygous for black, meaning he cannot produce a red-based foal, and also for LP, the special spotting gene! Put to solid mares, and providing no sneaky suppression creeps in, Tookie pretty much guarantees either leopard, blanket or varnish patterns. 

Having successfully competed in-hand as a yearling, Tookie has been left to mature and live out in a bachelor herd with his full brother, our two paint colts and also his first-born, Cisco. He was licensed with the ApHC UK in 2016 and served his first mares, producing two phenomenal colts who have both inherited his cheeky yet amazing temperament. 

We are incredibly excited to commence his ridden career in the coming months! Tookie is an extremely sporty stamp despite his incredible American breeding, he is also extremely keen to learn with excellent conformation and killer paces. Definitely one to watch for the future!

 He is available at stud via fresh and chilled semen and is sure to add athleticism plus the added bonus of colour to any mare - please contact us to discuss.

​​Below are a few photos of Tookie's foals, both home bred and from his lovely visiting mares, he has some incredibly exciting foals due in 2019.

Topspotted Tatookie

Homozygous black fewspot Appaloosa 

To make approximately 16.1hh
ApHC UK and BApS registered

ApHC UK licensed

ApHC registration and approval pending
EE aa LPLP n/PATN1 - 5 Panel NN
Nemepo Apache Bearhat X Coppice Blue Smoke

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